Saturday, 6 July 2013

summer days are fun

top and shorts - cow, shoes - zara, belt - asda (george)

So it's a special time when its this hot in England at around 25 degrees, it's almost as if I am on holiday. I'm glad that this gave me the opportunity too do another blog post, as next week I am working pretty much everyday, what a way to make a living? This outfit was actually to much for the weather, and I found myself at the end of taking the pictures I had to take the little top off. Both these pieces are from the vintage shop called Cow, which I visited yesterday and couldn't resit buying another pair of shorts, especially when the weather is like this.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun where they are at, and having an enjoyable summer. Hoping to pick myself a tan up, though being so pale it proves to be quite a challenge. I'm actually going to go treat myself to a subway for my lunch and then head off to work, have a fun day! See you all soon, Sarah, x


  1. Gorgeous outfit - I did the same today, left the house with two layers on and had to shed one before long! It's been such a lovely day! :)

    1. Thank you, so glad it was sunny! Going to be sunny tomorrow, better enjoy it whilst it lasts :)