Thursday, 10 January 2013

Birthday girl

Vivienne Westwood Watch
 Dr. Marten Classics Boots
 Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone
 Chocolates and little gifts
 Mac MSF - Soft and Gentle

I am finally 18 years of age, on the 9th January 2013! It is a large step in my life, partly because I feel like I am getting more mature, but also because it is the time in your life you move onto the next stage, which for me I have chosen university as you may already know, I can also now go out with my friends and have a good time, and not feel as restricted as I used to. Here are the presents I got, I feel like such a lucky lady, the phone is on contract and I pay for it myself from working, and I also partly bought the beautiful Dr. Martens with my wages. The watch was from my mum, it is everything and more than I ever wanted, they gave me a free both of 'Hotel Chocolat' in the shop as well which was lovely. I couldn't have had a nicer day! Friday is my birthday party and Sunday I am off to London for a few days, so you are likely to see a lot of posts from my trips! Hope you are all having an amazing year so far! Thank you for reading, Sarah x