Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful

Recently I bought this make-up palette, I have to say it was hard to resist, I mean £35 for 8 different colours, a lip colour and an eye liner. It's hard not to buy, I even had to stop myself from buying the other one if I am honest. So in this you actually get 8 different colours, but 6 eye shadows, two of them are half and half different. You can see the names of the colours in the second picture, they are truly beautiful! I have to say the highlight colour has quickly become a favourite colour of mine this week.

The eyeliner you get is the '24/7 glide-on eye pencil' in the colour 'zero' which is just basically black, its so easy to apply and you don't have to press on very hard at all. I would even say it gives a line as good as a gel liner, and so easy to build. The lip colour is a 'super-saturated high gloss lip colour' in the colour 'Theodora' which is the name of the character the palette is based on, it again applies great, and is very pigmented, it's such a lovely red, I wish I had more opportunities to wear it. I may have to get another one of these type in a more wearable shade. It will be worn on a night out I think, which is soon.

Overall I have to say that for the price I think this is such a great product, they have these palettes as 'build your own' and you have to buy the eye shadows separately for £14 each! If you are in the UK I would snag this palette up quick as Debenhams has 10% off currently here and in stores. I will really have to stop myself from getting the other one. Anyway have a nice day, thank you for reading and I will post again soon, Sarah x