Thursday, 24 May 2012

No7 Skin Illuminator Pink - Review

Two posts in one day today, because I wanted to do at least one review from the products that I have bought, so first off we have  No7 - Skin Illuminator. The only reason I bought this was beacause I had a £5 off voucher for the collection, which if you go to boots and spend over £5 you will get and will be able to treat yourself. The product alone is around £11 therefore I got this for £6 a much more reasonable price for this product.

So to start this is in the colour 'Pink' as that suits my skin more, however you can also get this product in 'Peach' so there is another option for those who want a more natural colour. My first impressions of this product were that is brightens up my face and gives me a shimmer to my cheeks or wherever I apply it. I was a but concerned as I didn't want it to make my skin look greasy, however I think it gives a great finish. I don't have much to compare this product to as I haven't tried similar products to this other than a powder highlighter which are also great!

This is how the product is applied, some may not like to have a brush, as this can gather to product as well as bacteria, but you can just pull the brush off and use the container as something to squeeze, or use a brush that you prefer. The product blends well and it not too obvious that you have this on, I normally apply this over my blush to give it a more shimmed look, however if you blush is already shimmery you may not need to apply this as well.

As you can see this is what it looks like applied to my arm, I have not blended this in, but you can see this parts that look slightly blended, my arms are a darker colour than my face so on my face it is not as clear as this and just lifts and highlight's the parts that I was the most. I mostly apply on my cheeks but you can add some to your T-zone if you think that would look nice, or suit you more.

Overall I like this product, although I would not pay £11 for it as it doesn't do a magical job for that price, in my opinion. £6 was a good price for me to pay as I feel that this is a better deal. So if you get a voucher, treat yourself and try this product out for yourself!

let the sunshine

Today the sun came out, and it did yesterday and the day before, in England this is amazing, so I decided to have a sit outside for a while, whilst I was outside I took a few pictures, this weather is truly beautiful, it lifts your mood and makes you feel so much better about everything. The only downside is when we get all hot, flustered and sweaty, but that happens right!

So I took a picture of the sky to show you the beautiful blue and the sun peaking through, such a beautiful sight compared to a dark dull sky right. It's amazing when you see the sky like this.

I had the day of school as well which was the plus as I am on study leave and only have to go for the lessons that I have exams in, which I only have one exam left, later though I will need to make sure I revise to get a good grade on the last one which is Psychology.
 Look at the sky, what a pretty sight, makes me smile and feel so much better, oh I do love the sun.
 I love the when you have glitter on your hands the sun makes it sparkle and shine, therefore I had to try and capture it's beauty.

The rest was just some random pictures that I thought I would share with you, I just bought my Vaseline rosy lips, which is so nice, I prefer Vaseline to lipgloss because it makes your lips feel a lot better. I still have a few products that I want to do a review on but I haven't got round to taking the pictures and putting the post together, but they will be here. Plus we need more food posts don't we, as it's very yummy. Unfortunately I deleted some of the pictures by accident.

Anyway I hope you are having a great day, a great week and to have a great weekend, speak to everyone soon, I am also planning on starting some videos or something. That is it for now, enjoy everything, bye!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Accessorize me.

Helllo everyone, today I went shopping a bought a lot of things, well maybe not for some people who buy a lot when they shop but for me it was a lot, normally when I go shopping I only buy one or two small things. I find this better as then you only buy things you really want and you don't spend as much money. But the reason I got a lot is because there was a lot of things that I needed.

To start I'm going to spilt up the posts rather than posting everything together as that would be too much of a  long time, and I also wanted to swatch the beauty products that I bought. So I need to get round to that one day. For now I am showing you what I bought from Accessorize, which is a beautiful shop, it must be near the top five of my all time favourites. Saying that though I only have a few things from there because I find it to be expensive.

So here is the packaging which they wrapped the products up in, I was super happy with this as its so nice to see things nicely presented to you when you have bought something and also great to take a picture of and post here.

These are the two scarves that I bought whilst I was there, one was £16 and the other was £18, which is a lot for a scarf I know but I fell in love with them. They are also amazing material and to me it was worth it, I have been wanting a new casual scarf for a long time and here we have them. I got the light one with the leopard pastel colours because I felt a nice bright one to lighten my day was nice. But for simple darker outfits I needed a different one, therefore I went for the black and white tie die which I love just as much.

The next thing I bought from this shop was some new sunglasses, they are perfect to me, I would of course love to buy some actual RayBans but unfortunately I don't have £80+ to spend on one pair of sunglasses therefore I went for the cheaper versions for £10, and they have really cool pink neon sides to them, which is perfect for summer time and also is a colour I find that suits me.

There we have it, some extra pictures on the end for you to have a different look at things, they are my favourite items from what I bought on my shopping trip today, I am really happy that I bought them, even though I used a lot of my money on them, but I find that they will last me a long time, and I will wear them often. When I get paid I am hoping to buy another O.P.I nail polish, another pair of skinny jeans and perhaps another jacket (brothers discount at river island is a plus, also my discount at next) it's great to work in places and get discount. I also still owe my step dad some money for the camera that I bought off him, which is fine, I will give it him. I also want to have my hair done soon maybe end of August, beginning of September when I have the money, I have an idea in my head, I will show you some pictures once I have had it done. Next posts I am planning on showing you the rest of the things that I bought, see you all soon and have a great night!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

junk food here we go

The food post is here, I didn't want to put of posting it because I will end up taking a lot more and they will be in new food posts that will come in the future. I love the idea, I love taking the pictures and posting them and trying new things with my camera.

So over the past few days when I felt like taking a picture of the food I was eating, I took a picture, must admit all of these are unhealthy, It's been an unhealthy week, what can I say, it's been stressful! I will make a healthy food post soon I promise!!
First we have cereal, these are 'Cookie Crisp' this is very tasty and I like the overall picture

Bourbon biscuits, these are so yummy, once I eat one I have to eat another, similar to custard creams but chocolate

These are crisps 'Sunbites - Sweet Chilli' flavour, a healthier option of crisps and are very tasty

Pepsi drink, I loved the outcome of this photo!

Last but not least, hot chocolate, I very rarely have one of these, maybe once every two months, so I had to have one and take a photo of it, it wasn't the nicest one I have ever made, maybe it needed more chocolate, cream and marshmallows!

So I thought they turned out pretty decent, and I liked taking the picture, I will do another post like this in the future, have a great week everyone!

Sally Hansen Lite

Only one picture to show you today, this is because I loved this picture that I took of this polish and didn't have any other pictures that would go with this one in a post, but I really wanted to show this in my blog today.

This polish was only a pound from a local pound shop, it's called 'Sally Hansen - Lite' and is from the HD collection, as soon as I saw it I thought, that is so bright, therefore I had to get it and try it out on my nails, as I had no yellows in my collection. So my mum bought it for me and I went home to try it, the first time I tried it I was silly and didn't put a base coat on and so it stained my nails, however the second time I did and therefore it did not stain my nails again. It took me a long time to try it again as I wanted to grow out the nails it had stained. But with a base coat I am very happy with this polish colour.

Tomorrow is my first exam of the 'June' period, even though we are in May they are all early for some reason, which in some ways is good because I finish school early, but bad because there is not as much time to revise all the topic and make sure it's all in my brain. However I will try my best, I can still retake the exam next year if worst comes to the worst. I have to revise today and make sure that I know as much as I can remember, and also do some practice questions, I'm really dreading the exam and am so scared, as I haven't failed an important exam yet, and so I might be jinxed into doing so.

Next Wednesday though, me and my mum are going shopping, I am hopeing to buy some things I can post here for people to see and review some more products, I really want to buy some new make-up, a polish maybe and most of the money will go on clothes, I'm not sure how to show clothes here, whether to try them on and show you them on, or to take a picture somewhere else. I will see how the pictures come out as I will try both ways.

Have a great weekend and great week next week, I am preparing a food post which should be interesting, I might often do them in the future!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

maybelline New York dream airfoam

So the other day I finally pulled myself round to buying some of this maybelline new york, dream nude airfoam in the colour 040 fawn, I don't normally wear foundation but as this is a foam, it doesn't go on as strong as some foundations and also doesn't drag the skin to much, which I really don't want to do. 

I actually really like this, but I'm not sure if it is the right colour for my skin tone, however I do have a brighting pen that helps to blend it into my skin more, so it looks fine. I have to go to work today and I'm not so happy about that but I have to get it done and earn some money, so I can buy some more things to have a look at.

As you can see it doesn't match the colour of my hand, but my face is slightly darker than my hands, my hands are really white, with the brighter that I have it looks fine on my face, so I am happy with the product, it comes out of the bottle easy, however be careful if you do buy it as it comes out very fast, and before you know it you have much more than you need. That's it for now, hope you enjoy the rest of your day and weekend!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

For Audrey, mani of the day

Back again, with a new mani! I'm still trying to get used to my new camera and try new things out with my nails as well as working really hard on my exams. I have two next week and then my last one on the 29th, so I am worried about them but am working hard to make sure I get the grades that I want and the ones that I need to get into university.

This time I wanted to try something more summery but with that hint of spring as we make our way into the month that we get the most sunshine (if England even gets any this summer) therefore I wanted to use the famous china glaze 'For Audrey' and then I added a glitter top coat which is just a shimmer colour from Revlon.

I started a new programme the other day called 'The Lying Games' it's better than I expected because I kept putting off watching it. I'm still very much obsessed with Game Of Thrones though, are there any of you that watch this programme? If not watch it not, you will not regret it!
 (my bathroom light)
 (outside overcast light)
 (my kitchen light)

Anyway, here we have it, I really like this mani, of course I am mad my thumb nail broke but it is growing back as you can see. It's not my favourite colour bit is nice to wear for a break!

Have a nice day everyone!