Monday, 24 December 2012

On the 12th Day Of Christmas...

IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSS!!! Tomorrow, I hope you all have an amazing day, get lots of pressies, spend time with family and have a LOT to eat! Have fun everyone!!! Just some little pictures for you to look at! HAVE A GOOD DAY!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

So I wanted to show an everyday make up that I would wear if I am just going out casually, it's really simple and easy to do, as I have said previously I am no make up artist I would just like to show you what I wear. So first I started with my 'YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ECLAT' in the colour 'BR 10' this is such a lovely foundation, although it doesn't provide the best coverage it's still enough for an everyday look. It applies very good and look great on the skin, I also made sure I got one that was perfect for my skin colour rather then it being to dark or orange.

 Then I went on to the eyes, I applied my Maybelline colour 24hr tattoo in 'Pink Gold' as the base,  then to make sure that stayed in place I used the purple colour from my Almay palette, any purple colour would do, then in my crease I added 'Toasted' from the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Make sure it's blended out. and then the light colour of the Almay palette in the corner of my eye and highlighting the brow bone.

 Then I used these as my concealers it is Garnier roll-on concealer pen and a tester I got from bareminerals which is called 'Stroke Of Light'.
 For blush I used Mac 'Supernova'. Bronzer I used Natural Collection in 'Sun Shine. My highlighter was by Jemma Kidd called '01 Iced Gold'
 To fill in my eyebrows I used a Mac pencil in 'Fling'. For eyeliner I used bareminerals in 'Sage'. The for mascara I used Maybelline the falsies flared.
 Then I used a bareminerals powder to set the makeup this is called ' original spf 25 mineral viel' and then my Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector which is just beautiful.

And there we have it the completed look just for a simple day out, hope that you liked it, you can change any of it that you want, what do you normally wear on a casual day out? Hope you are exited for Christmas as it is like 2 days away! Christmas eve is tomorrow! Have fun and I will post the last post tomorrow! Thank you for reading!! Sarah x

Saturday, 22 December 2012

On the 10th Day Of Christmas...

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

Here is a little haul of things I have recently bought, some of them are actually presents from my friends at school as we open them early together and yesterday was the last day. I also went to a party last night which was pretty amazing, it's great to see everyone and let loose a bit. Anyway the ones that were not presents were things that I got myself with my money from working.
These were presents as my friends know that I love nail varnish, so two Barry M ones '273 Raspberry' and '341 Cappuccino' then the other one is a Calvin Klein one called 'Tutu'.
I bought another Barry M lipgloss due to how much I like my other one as well as a new necklace from New Look to wear to the party, these are currently on buy one get one free.

A bag from topshop which I am in love with, I think its perfect and will go with any outfit, it also surprised me how much fits in it.
The necklace that I got free from the other necklace, I also thing this is beautiful and can be a lovely statement piece with a simple outfit.
So the other things I got was a top from Topshop which was just a simple grey one and a scarf which I also feel in love with, I have a thing for scarfs and feel like you can never have enough of them, there are just so many different styles of them. Hope you enjoyed this post and I will post another post soon, sorry this was a day late, as I said I went to a party! Sarah x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

On the 7th day of Christmas...

Today, my post is going to be my favourite winter lipstick/gloss/balm. Since in winter I get a lot of colds and dry lips, I tend to not wear much lipstick or even dark colours. Therefore the ones that I mostly wear and carry around with me are ones that are either easy to put on under any situation  including when you don't have a spare handy mirror, or that sooth your lips.

 I have chosen Vaseline in the coco butter flavour, which everyone needs to have a little pot of this somewhere, it's really amazing for the lips on its own, or even using it as a base for your lipstick, it's very moisturising! Then we also have Nivea Pearly Shine, this just gives the lips exactly what it says a pearly shine, its also moisturising and great to put on when you want a little bit of colour on your lips. The two lipglosses that I have are one from Barry M in the colour 'Coral', which I wore in the make up post the other day, and also a Buxom lipgloss in the colour 'Leslie' which is very minty when applied to the lips, I find this to be such a nice tooth to any makeup, this one was wore in my going out makeup post. Last but not least we have Clarins Instant light Natural Lip Perfector in '01 Rose Shimmer' which smells like vanilla, it's cross between a gel and a gloss and looks great on the lips, the colour I have is pink however they do a Apricot and Nude colour.

(Nivea Pearly Shine, Buxom Lip Gloss, Clarins Instant Light, Barry M Coral)
Plus here are some little swatch of them for you, I hope you enjoyed that post, I am hoping to get up another make up look and outfit for when I go to a party, which I think I have mentioned before, they should be coming soon. Hope you are enjoying the 12 days of Christmas, not long to go now, I still have my last bits of shopping to do, make sure you get your presents and wrap them soon! See you tomorrow! Sarah x

On the 6th Day Of Christmas...

So on Friday the 14th of December I had my interview at Huddersfield University for a course on Fashion and Textile Buying Management, whilst we were there I decided to take some picture of my outfit as well as when we were in the little town area which was so sweet. Huddersfield is very small and only has a cute little town, it was very festive with Christmas decorations up as well as people rushing round doing their Christmas shopping. Overall the day was a great success. I got my conditional offer to go their on Monday, therefore if I get the grades that are required (BBB) I will be able to go to that university, my second choice is Nottingham Trent but I am yet to hear from them.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

On the 5th Day of Christmas...

As I said yesterday I am going to be showing you a make-up look to go with the curly hair. I am in no way a make-up artist, I just like to use it, therefore I am just showing you the make-up that I wore when I went out on this day. So I hope you enjoy it.
First you want to start off with your foundation, the one that I used on this day is Rimmel Wake me up in 100 Ivory, this colour is a little bit dark for me, it is the lightest shade they do in this foundation, however once it is blended in, I am glad for a little more coverage. I am blending this in with a real techniques buffing brush.
For Eyes I am using a Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study which is just a simple pearl colour. Then I am using the colour 'Sin' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette over the top of the covering the whole lid. Then through the crease I am using 'Toasted' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette again, then for the highlight on the brow bone and the tear duct I am using the colour from my Almay colour, which is shown in the post about this palette.

I am concealing under my eyes with my Garnier Roll On in the lightest shade, I also apply this around my nose and any other places that need a little more coverage.
Then I am going to bronze my cheeks, with the Natural Collection Bronzer in 'Sun Shine' this is applied through the cheek bones, under the chin, a little through the temple and down the nose. I also but on Blush which was No7 in '22 Candy Pink', then I used Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara on my lashes. Then Barry M Lipgloss in '11 Coral'

Highlighter by Jemma Kidd In '01 Iced Glow'
Here is the final look, if you want to see how to do this hair, it is the previous blog post.

Ans that is is, nothing that special just something you can wear on a daily basis, thank you for reading, it really is getting close to christmas now, tomorrow I will be showing you the outfit that I paired with this look, as I was going for an Interview at a University. See you tomorrow then! Merry Christmas Soon!!