Monday, 26 November 2012

Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow - The Rare Find

So this was a one off buy for me, I haven't really tried many products from bareminerals in the past and I have heard good things about their eye shadows  When I went up to the make-up counter I was drawn to their supernatural collection for two reasons:
  • Supernatural TV programme, as well as the fact that I love that sort of theme in anything really
  • the colours were stunning and I had to swatch them
So the palette that I ended up buying is called 'The Rare Find' which includes four different colours. The cream one is the only colour that I was let down by, it is called 'Lost For Words'. Now this would actually be a nice colour if my skin wasn't the exact same colour, therefore it does not show up or look at different, I would think that people with darker skin than me (the majority of the population) would work with it just fine. The golden colour is called 'Surreal' now this is really pigmented and such a wonderful colour, it works well as a highlight or an overall eye colour, it doesn't seem to have fall out either which I was very pleased with. The olive colour is the same formulation as the gold which means I am impressed with this one as well, also as I have said before I love to use green on my eyes. (It's called 'Eureka') Then last but not least we have 'Frisson' which is a burgundy colour, that is matte, I find this a nice change to have to work through the crease, and it's not too overpowering and is nice.

Overall I am very pleased with this palette, the packaging get's really dirty as you can see, but with a good wipe it will be fine. It also has a lovely mirror on the inside which I find to be very useful. The packaging itself is small and easy to carry around in a make up bag or a hand bag. The only thing I would change would be to have a different colour rather than the cream, maybe a light white so that I would show up on my skin. Enjoy the post, thank you for reading! Maybe treat yourself to something from bareminerals, (I love their lip glosses from the Buxom range)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

my Christmas wishlist!!!

These are the things that I would love to get for Christmas, it's not likely to happen due to the fact that the sigma brushes are far to expensive for what my family can afford, but it's nice to wish, I think some of them I might be able to get cause they are not as expensive. I hope everyone get's nice gifts that they like and that you all have a great time with your families! I saw breaking dawn today and it was an amazing film, a great way to end the saga, I will miss going to see the film every year, though I can always have rewatches, plus the soundtrack the the films are always nice to listen to. Thank you for reading have a nice day! x

Monday, 19 November 2012

wish list for the winter

These are the little treats that I have in mind for the winter, I would seriously love these! I might have to get a cheaper pair of shoes but the basic style is what I am looking for, the coat is already a cheap one from asda so I am on the right path! What are your wish's for winter? need to wrap up warm don't we?

L'oreal Paris - Colour Infallible Eyeshadow

Not long ago I picked up a couple of the L'oreal Paris Colour Infallible Eyeshadows, to my surprise they were super pigmented and very long lasting. The two colours that I picked up were '009 Permanent Kaki' and '001 Time Resist White' which are both beautiful in their own right. The Olive colour is great for me as I have blue eyes, it amazing to blend in the crease or use as a overall eye colour. The white is great to use as a highlight on the brow bone or in the corner of the eye, or all over the eye if you are just wanting a simple eye colour. I am very happy with these purchases as its great to find something that was cheap and that is worth more. I recommend these and I will be looking at the other colours to see if any of them catch my eye.

Just to finish off I will be making Monday my posting day, just because on a Sunday is when I will have the time to take the pictures and to write the blog, in the future I may hope to have two posting days to see, I am hoping to see if I can also do some fashion posts, but I would have to make someone else take the photos, all in all I am hoping for a lot more posts full of content! thanks for reading!

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Haven't posted in a long long time but I wanted to get back into posting more often, the reason I haven't posted is because I find it hard to find the correct lighting for the pictures on this blog to be taken in, but I want to try cause I like to update and take photos.

Basically what has happened in my life is that I am applying for university soon, so that will be pretty scary, I think I have finished my personal statement and ready to send off my application soon! Here are some little instagram goodies that I thought I would post to set things off!