Saturday, 28 April 2012

Triangular Shaped Mani + Introduction

Hello everyone! So I know that I did have my nail polish blog, but not I have a camera and I want to start taking pictures that are better than the iphone ones. I also wanted to make a blog that wasn't just about my nails. Partly because there are plenty of blogs that can show you swatches for nail polish, and I just don't have the money to constantly buy nail polish to swatch (even though I would love this) so therefore I will post my photography and clothes and things that I just happen to buy. Sounds very interesting to me and will be great to look back on.

Back on track anyway for this post, I tried out the camera that is my step-dads cause he said I can buy it off him, these are just test shots, I know they are not the best cause it's my first time using the camera and I need to get used to it as well as buy it a new lens for close ups. Anyway I think they turned out decent and pretty clear apart from one of the fingers not quite in focus.

So this mani is something I saw on tumblr that look interesting, she used Scotch tape to paint on, left it for half an hour, then cut little shapes out of the tape, stuck them on her nails and put a top coat on. To start simple to try it out I though having a triangle on each of the nails would be fun, so I choose red (Red Light's Ahead....Where?) and Blue (Suzi Says Feng Shui) and alternated between them. Personally I think the red ones turned out the best because the red on top of the blue didn't blend together as well. But it's nice for a first try with this!

We can see from this then that it look's good, both of the polish's were O.P.I, once I have paid for the camera and I get a bit more money I'm deciding between new clothes or new polish but who knows which one I crave the most at that point.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Avengers Assemble in IMAX, so this mani was inspired by that, I took Captain America colours, I did want to do the logo but I don't own a white polish yet so therefore it would have been hard to do that. But I'm very exited cause all my family is going and I have never been to a cinema like this (IMAX) so I think it will be great. Have a great weekend everyone, or anyone that see's this post!!