Monday, 2 December 2013

christmas/birthday wishlist

Hotel Chocolat - The H-Box Everything Selection - £12.50
Urban Outfitters - Alien 90's crop top - £12.20
PS4 - Call Of Duty Ghosts - £48
John Lewis - PS4! - £349.95
Shop Dixi - Rings - £8-£28
Childish Gambino - because the internet - £6
Amazon - The Fashion Book - £5+
Vogue December Issue - £3.99

So it's the 2nd of December and I am sure you have all thought about what you want for christmas now, if you haven't get your thinking caps on already! I love this time of the year so much, everything about it, the songs, the fairy lights, the happiness it brings people, the food, everything you cant think of. I've put together a little wishlist as you can see. I will never get all of these but it's just to show you (hey a girl can wish right)! Also as my birthday and Christmas are so close I normally put the money together to get something bigger (hence the cheeky PS4 sat on that picture)!

I hope you all get what you wish for at Christmas, I'm sure just being with family is enough! I was lucky enough to get a PS4 on John Lewis at midnight of the release date. I am so excited to get playing it! Let me know what your getting for Christmas? Have a nice week, Sarah, x


  1. Oh my god! A girl blogger that likes COD? I hope you get it!!! I've not got Ghosts yes as I wasn't sure if I was going to get xbox one and want it on there. It's very expensive though, I won't be getting it until it comes down in price a lot more!

    Corinne x

    1. wayheyy a fellow fan! nice to meet you! yeah good idea! I wanted it for chirstmas so much though I couldn't resist buying it :D hope you get it! x

  2. Oh you've just reminded me to put some Dixi rings on my list :)


  3. Love everything on your wish list!!

    Madison Martine

  4. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  5. The rings are lovely <3
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  6. awesome wishlist, those cigarette trousers are gorgeous.

  7. You have impeccable taste hon, love those rings!

  8. Nice wishlist- I really want one of the NARS pencils too, but in the shade Cruella :)

    B xx

    1. yes I'd love one they are beautiful :D thank you!

  9. the white boots are definitely on my list!