Thursday, 31 January 2013

Do what you gotta do

Jumper - Sainsburys (TU)
Scarf - Fatface
Beanie - Topshop
Leggings - Primark
Sunglasses - Accessorize
Shoes - Dr Martens

First of all I would like to say, that the leggings were indeed see-through, I normally put a pair of tights on under them when I go out, but I was just taking these pictures and forgot, so they are still wearable with tights and long tops, which the jumper does cover you up which is nice. I really like this outfit because the jumper is very comfy and warm and with the splash of colour from the scarf, I think they go really well. I have just finished all my exams at school for the January period, which I couldn't be more happy about, it has been very stressful indeed. It is my last year in the sixth form and so I have to make sure I pass otherwise there is no moving on to university. I think I did okay, but they could have gone better! 

How did your exams go if you had some? Hope you did well. Also about the fact I have sunglasses on, my eyes were streaming really bad because of how bright the sun was and I couldn't look up unless I had the sunglasses on, hope you don't mind and enjoy the post, thank you for reading! Sarah, x


  1. You look lovely! Beautiful blog btw - am now a follower! :D

    Would love a follow back :D

  2. Now I really want you to marry me.

  3. Lovely photographs! I love your jumper, so perfectly cosy!

  4. i love your beanie! i'm a big beanie fan as well haha and i'm your latest follower and i'd love it if you could check out and maybe follow my blog?

    katy x

    1. Thank you, glad you like it, and I will look at your blog right now :) xx

  5. Love the hat, really suits you! X

  6. Looks amazing! Great beanie

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  7. You are looking awesome with winter attire..
    Loving it, what your say about long leather coats in winter season..