Thursday, 10 January 2013

Birthday girl

Vivienne Westwood Watch
 Dr. Marten Classics Boots
 Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone
 Chocolates and little gifts
 Mac MSF - Soft and Gentle

I am finally 18 years of age, on the 9th January 2013! It is a large step in my life, partly because I feel like I am getting more mature, but also because it is the time in your life you move onto the next stage, which for me I have chosen university as you may already know, I can also now go out with my friends and have a good time, and not feel as restricted as I used to. Here are the presents I got, I feel like such a lucky lady, the phone is on contract and I pay for it myself from working, and I also partly bought the beautiful Dr. Martens with my wages. The watch was from my mum, it is everything and more than I ever wanted, they gave me a free both of 'Hotel Chocolat' in the shop as well which was lovely. I couldn't have had a nicer day! Friday is my birthday party and Sunday I am off to London for a few days, so you are likely to see a lot of posts from my trips! Hope you are all having an amazing year so far! Thank you for reading, Sarah x


  1. Happy Birthday and by the looks of it, you had a good one! Love the watch :)
    (I currently have a lipstick giveaway running |MAC|Rimmel|Avon)


    1. Thank you very much! Yes it has been amazing so far! xx

  2. Happy Birthday, gorgeous watch, lucky girl :-)

  3. Replies
    1. I love the watch too! Thank you for your lovely message! x

  4. Lucky you, such great items! Happy Birthday! x

    Tanya from Cats and Clothing
    P.S. Please check out my first giveaway! :)

    1. Thank you for your comment and wishing me happy birthday :) x

  5. Lovely!
    Nice blog you have dear ♥
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like ♥

  6. lucky you with all that gifts.

    Happy birthday.
    And Happy New Year.

    The Electric Heart Girl

  7. Happy birthday lovely! Your gifts are all so beautiful. Love that watch xx

  8. Oh, that watch is incredible!! ^.^

  9. Oh, are you lucky! The watch is so beautiful and I love those Docs! Happy birthday :)


  10. You lucky girl , I love MSF xx