Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow Review

The other day I picked up the Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow in '006 Sharp Turn' - the reason for this was because it was reduced, since then I have used these colours a lot, my fav of them all being the lightest one for the highlight. I have to say that I was not keen on the black, although it is very pigmented it is very hard to apply and blend, does not have the best lasting time and is also not a great colour for my eyes, I prefer a brown. The middle colour which is meant to be used as the base is not very pigmented at all which was a shame as I was looking forward to this colour, although it could be used as a highlight. The last pinky colour for the highlight is the best colour in this small palette its very easy to apply, not noticeable if you mess up the application and also that is the perfect highlight colour for my complexion. 

The little applicator that comes with this product if of course again silly and useless, I really wish they wouldn't include these in palette as a brush is so much better as well as these making the palette look ugly and this one just flys around the palette and is very annoying.

These are them swatched however I had to apply a lot to make the second two noticeable, which might not be the best option to quickly apply on the eyes, for a day look. However if you are wanting to spent a while building them up on your eyes, I am sure this palette would be fine.
That is all I have for today, the weather is still amazing so it is giving me the opportunity to take a lot more pictures and to post more at this blog, I have got my benefit lipsticks ready to post as well as some shoe posts maybe. We shall see as I have a lot of products I would like the review on here, I hope everyone is having a nice summer! See you soon!!

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