Monday, 23 July 2012

sunny days are fun!

Wanting to get back into blogging again! The sun has been in the sky with his hat on the last couple of days, which makes me have a rather large smile on my face. Today has been spent relaxing and making chocolate chip muffins with my mum. Yesterday was spent with my brother going to the tramlines festival as well as the cinema to see 'Dark Knight Rises' which I have to say was an amazing film. I suggest you see it if you have the time.

I am wanting to get into reviewing more products as well as making sure I post the review here on the blog, so far I have had this blog quiet a while and yet I still think anyone knows that it exists.  That being said it's nice to have a little place to escape from and express my feelings, without having lots of people judging me and writing anonymous comments that are rather rude.

Weather that you have to wear sunglasses is always a good sign, as well as getting a little tan on my pale skin, which of course doesn't hurt (unless I got burnt eeek :/) saying that though my mum always makes me wear sun cream and stay protected!

Tomorrow I start my new work experience placement and on saturday I have a full day of work to do as well as I need to do a lot of work for my last year at sixth form. Which I have to say I am exited to finish and move on and go to university, meet some new people and see what else is out there.

Looking forward to going shopping this holiday and seeing a lot of friends, not going to any place special but I am sure to have a relaxing time in England. Hope everyone else has a nice holiday! See you all soon!

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