Monday, 13 August 2012

Benefit Lipsticks

As you know I am a huge fan of lipsticks and I have been buying a lot of them recently. To start off, I wanted to show you the Benefit lipsticks that I have. I only have three so it's nothing special and all of them are quite different which is pleasing to know.

So I have 'Mod Squad' which is a pale pink with a hint of shimmer, 'Pinking Of You' which is a deep pink with shimmer and then last but not least 'Saucy' which is a deep orange/coral colour with shimmer. I have found that a lot of benefit lipsticks normally have shimmer/glitter in them which can actually be slightly annoying once applied to the lips.

Here are the three swatched (Saucy, Mod Squad and Pinking Of You) as you can see the formula is not matte at all and is almost glossy, I find that you don't need to even apply a gloss with these lipsticks and that they are not very long lasting and so will need to be touched up often through-out the day.

And that's all, I took the a picture of the swatches in light inside as well as outside just to give you a feel for the colour and you can see them better. I hope you enjoyed this post, do you have any benefit lipsticks, what are you thoughts on them? I tried to take pictures of them on my lips but the quality was not good and you couldn't see the colour very well. I haven't figured out how to take the picture but one day in the future I will have them posted. Have a great week everyone!

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