Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter/Christmas Nail Polish's!

As we are getting closer to Christmas I wanted to share with you my favourite nail polish to wear! There is a lot of glitter in these colours, due to the fact that, well it's Christmas and who doesn't want a bit of glitter on Christmas? First off I would like to say that a lot of these happen to be O.P.I as I find that these are the best polish, there are also a few others, I might have to find some that are cheaper to use as well! Although as a nice treat you could buy an O.P.I polish as you will not regret it!

 Rather than writing out the list of what the polish's are called I decided to write them down next to a little swatch of the colour! So you can see a little preview of what the colour looks like, they are really lovely colours, which is your favourite? What colour do you like to wear the most in winter?

Anyway, that's it for the Monday post, I am hoping to get some fashion posts up soon, its just harder to take the photos as you have to get someone else to take them and make sure that the lighting is good, either that or I can try and set a tripod up, we shall see what happens! Thank you for reading and see you next Monday!!!


  1. I will buy Pure Joy by China Glaze :)


    1. Wow that looks like a stunning colour, I may have to treat myself to that as well :) xx