Thursday, 21 February 2013

One Way Or Another

So this time I had my friend (Shelly) actually style what I was wearing just to get a different opinion, so we had a girly time getting ready and painting our nails, whilst she brought a bunch of her clothes over and gave me a look to wear, what do you think? I am thinking she did a great job, it's grungy! I hadn't worn my high tops in a while either as I have been abusing my Dr Matens too much, even after another pair of them! It's so exiting to actually share the experience of working on my blog with a close friend, and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it!

Today I went over to another friends house and we baked a lot of treats, including brownies, cupcakes and a sponge cake. Which turned out really great! My week off is whizzing by but I have spent every moment of it with the people that are close to me, which of course couldn't have made me happier! I also went to a vintage shop in town the other day, so be prepared for an outfit from there, I have to say I was impressed with the selection of clothing there! Hope you are all having a wonderful day and week! Thank you for reading, Sarah x


  1. love the grungy leather look, really suits you!

  2. cool shoes!

  3. I love your cropped leather jacket x

  4. This is a fab look. I love the colours in your sneaks.