Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Neutral Wishlist

Square Cut Sweater - £7.99 Zara
Delicate Heart Ring - £35 Pandora

Just recently I have been really into neutral colours and it's making me feel like I want to clear out my whole wardrobe and replace them with whites, creams, greys and blacks. Of course I won't be going there cause for one I'd never have enough money and also it's clearly just a phase, as I do love colours. So I came across a few things whilst shopping recently. ASOS are having 20% student discount, so who can refuse? and New Look, Zara and Topshop are still running their sales (make sure you get your bargain). Then I have been wanting a new Pandora ring for a long time and came across this beautiful one. I can't afford to get all of these, but maybe I'll be able to get a couple of them. What is currently on your wish list? Are you also loving neutrals? Thank you for reading, Sarah, x


  1. Such GORGEOUS pieces! I am obsessed with these colours!


  2. those chelsea boots are so so lovely! really love your picks

    1. Aren't they just to die for! I'm in love with them and thank you! x