Thursday, 16 January 2014

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

A second day in New York, I woke feeling extremely tired from how much I did the previously day, we started the day at breakfast at a fast food place called Wendys, it was typically american food and not really that nice, I was already getting fed up of the fast food after just one day. So we headed to the subway, my first trip down there, it was rather scary as we had no idea which one to get on and where it went, we eventually figured them out though.

We visited the Meatpacking district, Chelsea and Soho, looking around at designer shops. 

We then headed down to get the ferry to Staten Island, and we saw the Statue Of Liberty, it was really wonderful.

We then went back to Times Square and did a bit more shopping, even though it doesn't seem like we did as much as the first day, there was a lot more time spent just walking around and looking at different things and different places. It was a really nice day. See you soon, Sarah, x


  1. wow such a nice place! I love times square! <3

  2. I went to new york last year and this is making me want to go back so much! them pictures are so cute! great post! hope you have a good time xx

    1. Aw hope you get chance to go back again :) thank you! xx