Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New York, New York!

My last day in New York was like an attempt to fit everything else we wanted to do in one day, of course this meant we was rushing around everywhere and getting lost. We started off the day at a design studio in Soho, where we where told tips about the industry and of course we was showed the work of the graphic designers who work there, it was all wonderful and a great experience to see and actual studio in New York that would be amazing. Then we headed to the High Line, which was a really lovely walk. We then headed to Chelsea Market, which again was amazing, from little cupcake shops to delis, it was such a lovely place to see. 

Whilst we was on our way to the Upper East Side, we stopped at Grand Central Station which was one of my favourite things of the trip, it really was just like the films, and even more beautiful than I had ever thought. Then up to the Upper East Side we went. This was my attempt to pretend to be in Gossip Girl, but really it felt nothing like it, it was beautiful with designer shops though.

As the Upper East Side is so close to Central Park, we headed there next, it was all snowy and foggy due to the weather, but it still looked like a dream, a winter wonderland, and even Alice was there. (That being the Alice In Wonderland statue).
Look how beautiful it is!
Last but not least we went to The Museum of Modern Art, which was free on a Friday night, the only problem with this was that I've never seen a Museum so full, I started getting claustrophobic, which I have never experienced before and it wasn't nice. Though once it died down a bit, I started to enjoy the art work, especially that of Andy Warhol.

We also ate food at Chipolte which I love the food there, ever since I had it when I went to London. Our day was packed and we was so tired by the end. The next day we did actually get a little time to do things so we headed for pancakes for breakfast at Ruby Tuesday and then around Times Square to see it in the day, then back to the coach and a six hour flight home. Overall the experiences was amazing, I had the best time. I hope you enjoyed looking at pictures of my time there and I will get back to outfit posts soon. My date to hand in my portfolio is Friday and I've been constantly working on it and I am very proud, I will share the PDF of my zine when I have it up. Also if you want to see more photos of New York you can check my Instagram. Thank you for reading, Sarah, x


  1. SOOO jealous!! I'd love to go to New York!

    You've got an awesome blog babe, definitely following you now :)

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    1. Thank you so much, I would love to check out your blog :D thank you so much for following!

  2. Great post! New York is one of my favourite places! I went in winter when I went as well, and it so beautiful! Coming from Australia I'd never experience the cold like that though! Such a vibrant city!


    1. Oh wow coming from Australia that must have been a long flight, glad you had a good time there :)