Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mini Mac Haul! - Lipstick's

Hello there everyone! The other day I took my first trip to the M.A.C counter knowing that I would buy something! Of course I couldn't afford a lot, but as they are know for their lipsticks, I picked a couple up. A glaze and a lustre. I thought these were the best options for me and I did try a lot out. I haven't heard much about the two that I choose, maybe that drew me to them more. I was going to buy 'Creme Cup' because I've heard a lot about that, but I stopped myself and choose the ones I was drawn to and which looked good with my skin tone.

I have tried both of these lipstick's and I have to say I was impressed with the formula and how easy they were to apply. The packaging is stunning and modern with the bullet shaped case. I found that I love both of them as much as each other and this has made me want to buy more in the future. I am also trying to persuade my mum to buy herself one, as she deserves a little treat now and then!

So this is the first one that I bought. Intentionally I was looking for one I could wear on a daily basis without it being too obvious that I had a lipstick on. Therefore I had to go for a glaze! This one is called 'Pervette' it is a pink colour with purple undertones as well as a shimmer on the lips. When I applied this I instantly fell in love with the product. It looked great with my skin and also blended on the lips easily. Therefore I am very pleased with this purchase.
 This is the second colour I picked up. I couldn't leave M.A.C without buying a daring colour, so instead of a red, I went for a deep dark pink, and I was so pleased that I did. I feel that this colour suits me more than a red would, even though I do like myself a good red colour on the lips. But I find this would be great on a day out somewhere, as it's not over-the-top but just a perfect colour for me.

These were the only things I purchased as these two alone went to £27 so I thought that it was enough for me to spend today. I do however in the future want to treat myself to a mac palette and fill it with neutral eye shadows so maybe you will see my buying some more from this range. I find it expensive but worth it as when applied on the lips you can tell it's not a rubbish quality product. I am very happy with what I bought and I do suggest you try some of the products from M.A.C if you are interested in make-up. That's all for now, have a good day everyone!!


  1. I want to see them on your lips, my dear :p

    Lol, i thought MAC is best known for their eye shadows :D

    1. I do try and do them on my lips, but the picture never turn out great! miss you bb! x