Saturday, 9 June 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Review!

Time for another post! I haven't posted in a while but I need to now. The weather has not been so great so this puts me off wanting to take pictures, as the sun gives great light. When I got home from work today it was still light outside so I tried to get some quick snaps of these lip butters to show you all!

These are the new Revlon Lip Butters, or at least they are new in the UK, so get your hands on some because they are stunning. I got myself four of the shades, not all at once, I bought a couple and the consistency of them was so good, I decided to try and get a range of colours. In the U.K these retail for £8.99, however boots currently have an offer of £5.99, and superdrug have them on 3 for 2! (at £8.99)

I bought myself four shades from left to right, 055 Cupcake, 025 Peach Parfait, 015 Tutti Frutti, 005 Sugar Frosting. I would say the collection ranges to as strong as a lipstick, to a tinted lip balm as well as between the two. The shade 'Lollipop' has more of a lipstick coverage. However the shade Sugar Frosting is a clear pink shimmery shade.

 Here we have the shade '055 Cupcake' this is a pink shade which doesn't have as much coverage as a matte pink lipstick would have, however it it slightly glossy and gives the lips a lovely hint of pink. It has a very light pink shine once applied to the lips.
 This colour is called '025 Peach Parfait' this is a very natural looking colour for the lips, it gives them a slight sparkle of gold shimmer and light coverage. It''s the perfect shade for a everyday look as its very natural and will look good on my types of skin tones.
 This is '005 Sugar Frosting' and it currently my go-to product for my lips, this has a very light coverage but feels great on the lips and looks great also. It has a hint of pink and shimmer. It's more like a tinted lip balm with a tad bit of shimmer in there. I like this as it works well with my light skin tone as well as giving a very natural look.
 The last shade I have is called  '015 Tutti Frutti'  this has a decent amount of coverage and is something for those of you who are more daring. This is an orange colour with red undertones. As when I apply this is looks more of a Orangey Red, rather than a pure orange lipstick. This is my least favourite of mine as I find it doesn't suit my skin colour, but I know orange will suit other people and therefore if it does I would definitely go for this product as the texture it stunning.
Overall I would say these products are great and I can see myself purchasing them again in the future or maybe reaching out for some more colours. They have a great formula and easy application, feel great on the lips, and can create a great natural look. I would suggest you treat yourself to a colour you would like the most. That's all for now, have a great day everyone!

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