Thursday, 24 May 2012

No7 Skin Illuminator Pink - Review

Two posts in one day today, because I wanted to do at least one review from the products that I have bought, so first off we have  No7 - Skin Illuminator. The only reason I bought this was beacause I had a £5 off voucher for the collection, which if you go to boots and spend over £5 you will get and will be able to treat yourself. The product alone is around £11 therefore I got this for £6 a much more reasonable price for this product.

So to start this is in the colour 'Pink' as that suits my skin more, however you can also get this product in 'Peach' so there is another option for those who want a more natural colour. My first impressions of this product were that is brightens up my face and gives me a shimmer to my cheeks or wherever I apply it. I was a but concerned as I didn't want it to make my skin look greasy, however I think it gives a great finish. I don't have much to compare this product to as I haven't tried similar products to this other than a powder highlighter which are also great!

This is how the product is applied, some may not like to have a brush, as this can gather to product as well as bacteria, but you can just pull the brush off and use the container as something to squeeze, or use a brush that you prefer. The product blends well and it not too obvious that you have this on, I normally apply this over my blush to give it a more shimmed look, however if you blush is already shimmery you may not need to apply this as well.

As you can see this is what it looks like applied to my arm, I have not blended this in, but you can see this parts that look slightly blended, my arms are a darker colour than my face so on my face it is not as clear as this and just lifts and highlight's the parts that I was the most. I mostly apply on my cheeks but you can add some to your T-zone if you think that would look nice, or suit you more.

Overall I like this product, although I would not pay £11 for it as it doesn't do a magical job for that price, in my opinion. £6 was a good price for me to pay as I feel that this is a better deal. So if you get a voucher, treat yourself and try this product out for yourself!

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