Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sally Hansen Lite

Only one picture to show you today, this is because I loved this picture that I took of this polish and didn't have any other pictures that would go with this one in a post, but I really wanted to show this in my blog today.

This polish was only a pound from a local pound shop, it's called 'Sally Hansen - Lite' and is from the HD collection, as soon as I saw it I thought, that is so bright, therefore I had to get it and try it out on my nails, as I had no yellows in my collection. So my mum bought it for me and I went home to try it, the first time I tried it I was silly and didn't put a base coat on and so it stained my nails, however the second time I did and therefore it did not stain my nails again. It took me a long time to try it again as I wanted to grow out the nails it had stained. But with a base coat I am very happy with this polish colour.

Tomorrow is my first exam of the 'June' period, even though we are in May they are all early for some reason, which in some ways is good because I finish school early, but bad because there is not as much time to revise all the topic and make sure it's all in my brain. However I will try my best, I can still retake the exam next year if worst comes to the worst. I have to revise today and make sure that I know as much as I can remember, and also do some practice questions, I'm really dreading the exam and am so scared, as I haven't failed an important exam yet, and so I might be jinxed into doing so.

Next Wednesday though, me and my mum are going shopping, I am hopeing to buy some things I can post here for people to see and review some more products, I really want to buy some new make-up, a polish maybe and most of the money will go on clothes, I'm not sure how to show clothes here, whether to try them on and show you them on, or to take a picture somewhere else. I will see how the pictures come out as I will try both ways.

Have a great weekend and great week next week, I am preparing a food post which should be interesting, I might often do them in the future!

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