Thursday, 24 May 2012

let the sunshine

Today the sun came out, and it did yesterday and the day before, in England this is amazing, so I decided to have a sit outside for a while, whilst I was outside I took a few pictures, this weather is truly beautiful, it lifts your mood and makes you feel so much better about everything. The only downside is when we get all hot, flustered and sweaty, but that happens right!

So I took a picture of the sky to show you the beautiful blue and the sun peaking through, such a beautiful sight compared to a dark dull sky right. It's amazing when you see the sky like this.

I had the day of school as well which was the plus as I am on study leave and only have to go for the lessons that I have exams in, which I only have one exam left, later though I will need to make sure I revise to get a good grade on the last one which is Psychology.
 Look at the sky, what a pretty sight, makes me smile and feel so much better, oh I do love the sun.
 I love the when you have glitter on your hands the sun makes it sparkle and shine, therefore I had to try and capture it's beauty.

The rest was just some random pictures that I thought I would share with you, I just bought my Vaseline rosy lips, which is so nice, I prefer Vaseline to lipgloss because it makes your lips feel a lot better. I still have a few products that I want to do a review on but I haven't got round to taking the pictures and putting the post together, but they will be here. Plus we need more food posts don't we, as it's very yummy. Unfortunately I deleted some of the pictures by accident.

Anyway I hope you are having a great day, a great week and to have a great weekend, speak to everyone soon, I am also planning on starting some videos or something. That is it for now, enjoy everything, bye!

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