Wednesday, 9 May 2012

For Audrey, mani of the day

Back again, with a new mani! I'm still trying to get used to my new camera and try new things out with my nails as well as working really hard on my exams. I have two next week and then my last one on the 29th, so I am worried about them but am working hard to make sure I get the grades that I want and the ones that I need to get into university.

This time I wanted to try something more summery but with that hint of spring as we make our way into the month that we get the most sunshine (if England even gets any this summer) therefore I wanted to use the famous china glaze 'For Audrey' and then I added a glitter top coat which is just a shimmer colour from Revlon.

I started a new programme the other day called 'The Lying Games' it's better than I expected because I kept putting off watching it. I'm still very much obsessed with Game Of Thrones though, are there any of you that watch this programme? If not watch it not, you will not regret it!
 (my bathroom light)
 (outside overcast light)
 (my kitchen light)

Anyway, here we have it, I really like this mani, of course I am mad my thumb nail broke but it is growing back as you can see. It's not my favourite colour bit is nice to wear for a break!

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Awesome, honey :) Lol it is my fave color tho :p

    1. thanks bb! glad you like it! For Audrey is your fav? :)