Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Accessorize me.

Helllo everyone, today I went shopping a bought a lot of things, well maybe not for some people who buy a lot when they shop but for me it was a lot, normally when I go shopping I only buy one or two small things. I find this better as then you only buy things you really want and you don't spend as much money. But the reason I got a lot is because there was a lot of things that I needed.

To start I'm going to spilt up the posts rather than posting everything together as that would be too much of a  long time, and I also wanted to swatch the beauty products that I bought. So I need to get round to that one day. For now I am showing you what I bought from Accessorize, which is a beautiful shop, it must be near the top five of my all time favourites. Saying that though I only have a few things from there because I find it to be expensive.

So here is the packaging which they wrapped the products up in, I was super happy with this as its so nice to see things nicely presented to you when you have bought something and also great to take a picture of and post here.

These are the two scarves that I bought whilst I was there, one was £16 and the other was £18, which is a lot for a scarf I know but I fell in love with them. They are also amazing material and to me it was worth it, I have been wanting a new casual scarf for a long time and here we have them. I got the light one with the leopard pastel colours because I felt a nice bright one to lighten my day was nice. But for simple darker outfits I needed a different one, therefore I went for the black and white tie die which I love just as much.

The next thing I bought from this shop was some new sunglasses, they are perfect to me, I would of course love to buy some actual RayBans but unfortunately I don't have £80+ to spend on one pair of sunglasses therefore I went for the cheaper versions for £10, and they have really cool pink neon sides to them, which is perfect for summer time and also is a colour I find that suits me.

There we have it, some extra pictures on the end for you to have a different look at things, they are my favourite items from what I bought on my shopping trip today, I am really happy that I bought them, even though I used a lot of my money on them, but I find that they will last me a long time, and I will wear them often. When I get paid I am hoping to buy another O.P.I nail polish, another pair of skinny jeans and perhaps another jacket (brothers discount at river island is a plus, also my discount at next) it's great to work in places and get discount. I also still owe my step dad some money for the camera that I bought off him, which is fine, I will give it him. I also want to have my hair done soon maybe end of August, beginning of September when I have the money, I have an idea in my head, I will show you some pictures once I have had it done. Next posts I am planning on showing you the rest of the things that I bought, see you all soon and have a great night!

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