Sunday, 13 May 2012

junk food here we go

The food post is here, I didn't want to put of posting it because I will end up taking a lot more and they will be in new food posts that will come in the future. I love the idea, I love taking the pictures and posting them and trying new things with my camera.

So over the past few days when I felt like taking a picture of the food I was eating, I took a picture, must admit all of these are unhealthy, It's been an unhealthy week, what can I say, it's been stressful! I will make a healthy food post soon I promise!!
First we have cereal, these are 'Cookie Crisp' this is very tasty and I like the overall picture

Bourbon biscuits, these are so yummy, once I eat one I have to eat another, similar to custard creams but chocolate

These are crisps 'Sunbites - Sweet Chilli' flavour, a healthier option of crisps and are very tasty

Pepsi drink, I loved the outcome of this photo!

Last but not least, hot chocolate, I very rarely have one of these, maybe once every two months, so I had to have one and take a photo of it, it wasn't the nicest one I have ever made, maybe it needed more chocolate, cream and marshmallows!

So I thought they turned out pretty decent, and I liked taking the picture, I will do another post like this in the future, have a great week everyone!

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