Sunday, 16 December 2012

On the 2nd Day of Christmas....

Two Next Christmas jumpers, as I work at Next I get 25% discount off everything, so I bought these two lovely jumpers that keep me warm and look lovely. I bought them in sizes that were bigger than what I am so they give a sort of over-sized look as well as making it easier to pair with leggings etc... They both have a love heart on the front and the fabric is very soft and comfortable.

I was just trying to show you how they look when they are on, if I had the choice I would be behind the camera and not in front of it, but I don't have anyone to model them for me, so here I am. This first one I showed with my grey beanie from topshop and a pair of jeans from Next also, I would also find it nice if it was paired with some leggings.

This one I decided to have my hair in a plait to the side. Again I wore the same trousers. As you can see they are just something you can throw on when you are at school or having a casual day, they are comfortable to sit and work in as well as keeping you warm in the winter. In the weather in England I am having to wear a vest under these, a coat and a scarf, so it is very cold here. How is it were you live?

Thank you for reading, it is Christmas so soon, I hope you are all exited and get nice gifts, but it's mostly about spending some nice time with your family. Have a nice day and see you again in a new post tomorrow! (Sorry this was a day late, I was at work and then went straight over to my friends house)

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