Monday, 17 December 2012

On the 4th Day Of Christmas...

I am going to be showing you how I curl my hair, I use a BaByliss Porcelain Conical Wand 32-19mm Black.  I find that this is very easy to use to curl you hair, I have tried many ways of curling my hair and in the end give up because of how much time it takes up and in the morning you really don't want to be spending over a hour just on your hair, especially if you are in a rush. This takes me 20-40mins depending on how curled I want my hair. 
So first you just want to brush through your natural hair and make sure it is completely dry if you have washed it and that it will be easy to separate.
Then you want to clip the top layer of your hair up, if you are not wanting a lot of curls I would suggest to skip this set, I find however it gives the curls a more completed look when you curl the bottom layer and then the top, this also can save time and the bottom layer don't have to be that perfect.
Spray your hair with heat defence, I find the best one isTRESemme Heat Defence, then brush through the hair again to make sure the product covers the whole of the hair.
The take a small or large section of your hair and wrap it around the wand, I like the have the curls facing away from my face, make sure that you do not touch the wand as it will really hurt, trust me it is really easy to end up touching it, I have had a lot of burnt fingers. Either that or use the protective glove that comes with the product.

Then you want to take down the top layer of your hair, and spray again with heat defence and brush through, you are now going to curl this section.
I tend to try and curl more of my hair that is on this top layer as it's easier as well as the fact there is not as much hair to work with, therefore I use smaller amounts of hair to get a fuller look.
There we go all done. Spray your hair with some hair spray now, I use TRESemme Salon Finish Firm Hold.
If you are not wanting to have tight curls, then I suggest you brush through the curls as much as you want to get more of a natural look to them. And there we have it. I think it's such a nice thing to curl your hair once in a while, even if it does take longer than say straightening it. So that is it for this post, tomorrow I will be showing a make-up look to go with this hair style and the day after an outfit. Hope you are enjoying the countdown and have a nice day!


  1. Thanks for the helpful tutorial! I have long hair like yours and I was hoping to wear it curled over the holidays at some point. I'll give this technique a try! :)


    1. Thank you! Ah well hope this works for you as well, if you want something quicker I suggest putting your hair in plaits when it is partially dry. Thank you for commenting!x