Friday, 14 December 2012

On the 1st day of Christmas...

So here are two lip colours that I have paired together to wear on a night out, for my friends birthday party! I find that they work well together and perfect for a bit of glitter as they both are very sparkly colours! First we have Benefit Ultra Shines - 'Wild Child'. I keep having to think if I actually like this product of not due to the fact that is smells and tastes quite nasty, but I do actually like the formulation as well as the colour, therefore seen as I bought it I let it go, but I do not see myself going back to buy another one of these products. The lip colour I used on the base is by Revlon and I have to say that this one did impress me, it's one of those colours that you swatch and buy right there and then. It is called '457 - 'Wild Orchid'. Just realised both these colours start with wild, it really is a wild lip! The formulation of this lipstick is perfect, applies nice and easy and sparkles on the lips. Due to the blue undertones it also makes the teeth look whiter which is always nice!!

 Here are both of the colours swatched together, look how pretty they are!? I love that they both have little sparkles in them that are similar. Of course it's not an everyday lip look but for a party I find that is fits perfectly! Have a nice day and I will see you all tomorrow!

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